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An Introduction to Shincheonji

The Promised Temple

Do you know about the temple promised in the Bible? Learn about Shincheonji, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony, that has been created according to the promises of the Bible.

The Promised Pastor

Who is the pastor promised in the New Testament? Learn about the Promised Pastor, the messenger of Jesus, who testifies to Revelation’s fulfillment at the Second Coming.

The Promised Theology

Have you heard the testimony of Revelation’s fulfillment, once hidden in the Bible? Learn about what exactly is taught at Shincheonji and Zion Christian Mission Center. 

welcome to shincheonji

Founded in 1984, South Korea

Established in 1984, Shincheonji’s full name is Shincheonji Church of Jesus the Temple of the Tabernacle of Testimony.

It is the temple promised in the Bible and built according to structure of heaven that is recorded in God’s word.

Testimony from On Surya (32) from Nepal

“I met Shincheonji volunteers last year… and I have been meeting with volunteers regularly and learn Korean. It helped me to understand Korean culture. I appreciate the continuous devotion and activities of Shincheonji volunteers.”

Shincheonji Church of Jesus

Based on the foundations of Christ and the commands of Scripture, Shincheonji Church of Jesus is a religious group based in South Korea.

Shincheonji has congregants all over the world and engages in community service work to be the light to the world.

Testimony from Roxanne (25) from Sri Lanka

“Everything was unfamiliar to me since I was very new to Korea. I had hard time due to homesick and missed my family badly, but I was glad to know more about Korea and meet many friends here through Shincheonji volunteers.”


The content of the following article was written on behalf of God and Jesus by the Chairman
of the Shincheonji Church of Jesus, based on the Bible, and for the public good. These articles are to offer biblical knowledge
to the churches and believers all over the world, and to help believers carry out a proper life of faith.


Shincheonji in the News

News of Shincheonji spreading light and sharing love is now worldwide! Discover what the world is saying about New Heaven New Earth.

Shincheonji donates plasma for covid-19 research.

Shincheonji & COVID-19

Learn how Shincheonji came together to protect the community from the virus, and how Shincheonji is setting an example in COVID-19 relief efforts today.

shincheonji temple

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about the Temple of the Tabernacle of Testimony? What is true or false? Read answers to frequently asked questions about Shincheonji.


shincheonji volunteers drawing murals

"Shincheonji Volunteers Beautify Murals and Hearts in Communities of Need"

The Shincheonji Volunteers are conducting wall-painting and beautification projects throughout the country, to promote joy and cheer in communities that have often become run-down and dreary. 

One resident, Lee (84) said, “The alleys were dark and scary, but the murals are bright and pretty, so I think I will be able to visit them more often.”

"Letters of Support for Peace from 60 heads of Eastern European Countries"

Shincheonji is a global leader and voice in promoting world peace and a violence-free approach to conflict resolution.

61 leaders and influential figures, including ex-presidents and prime ministers of each country wrote a letter, expressing their desire to participate in activities for peace together.

"Shincheonji Volunteer Corps who ran unconditionally receive rave reviews"

Shincheonji Church of Jesus is dedicated to being a light to the community, both through the Word of God and through our deeds. Following after the footsteps of Christ, we humbly serve wherever it is needed.

Shincheonji Church has received countless awards, recognitions, and special accolades from community organizations and local governments for service.


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