I am Loader!

the Promised Pastor

Who is the Promised Pastor?

I. Birth and Childhood

Chairman Lee Man-Hee was born as the descendant of the lineage of Korean kings, a lineage 500 years old, and was born in a poor countryside on September 15th, 1931.

His name was given to him by his grandfather when he dreamt that suddenly the sky became dark and then a light appear to shine upon his daughter-in-law. He made the name then and called his grandchild this when he was born – the name “Man-Hee” which means “complete light.”

Lee began a life of faith by praying together with his grandfather when he was young. He developed the habit of praying every morning and night (on the high tops of the
mountains on Sunday), but never went to church.

II. Pledged his devotion to God

One day, he was praying as he always did, when a ‘large star’ that he had frequently seen before came to him from the sky and he saw this star for 3 days. Starting from that time, those around him started to persecute him for no reason, and soon after, he met a person from heaven. He wrote a pledge of his devotion to God in blood, and since then, endured through countless hardships. He saw the corruption of the pastors as he carried out a life of faith, but he also saw and heard the congregation’s loyal effort and prayers.

He endured through turbulent waves in carrying out faith. He has been homeless and penniless before. Each time, he thought about the pledge he made in blood and re- strengthened his determination.

III. To the Tabernacle Temple, following the command of the heavens

Lee, who started out his life of faith in the countryside, heard the voice from heaven to go to the Tabernacle Temple and went to the Tabernacle Temple in Gwacheon to serve there. But after seeing the Tabernacle Temple, which started with the Spirit, become corrupt, he tried to correct this wrong, but there were those who tried to harm him, so he went back home.

After returning to his hometown, Lee spent 7 years in the New Village Movement. During this time, the person from heaven came to him again and commanded him to send letters urging for repentance to the Tabernacle Temple. As he returned to the Tabernacle Temple to call for their repentance, there was unimaginable persecution and imminent death.

IV. The Messenger who Received and Ate the Open Scroll in Revelation 10

But Chairman Lee who endured this, experienced the events of the entire book of Revelation being fulfilled and received the open word (the open scroll). They were things beyond imagination. He perceived that he was the one sent to testify to the churches about the fulfillment of Revelation, that he was the Messenger, the Advocate (Rv 22:16).

A reality that he could not deny, no matter how many times he read the Bible, was in front of his eyes. It was clear that if he did not testify the Word that he received, then the work of God promised in the Bible would not fulfill. To testify to what he saw and heard was so difficult and overwhelming at that time. But still, he testified and is still testifying today.

Words from the Promised Pastor

Dear Congregation members whom I love,

Just as Jesus Christ has loved us, let us keep the command of love that he has given us, and let us love one another.
And, let us make effort so that the kingdom of the world can quickly become the kingdom of God.

We of NHNE, following the will of the one who bore the cross out of his love, promise to be the reality of light and love
that illuminates the entire world, even if our bodies melt like a candle that melts as it gives light.

I truly welcome every one of you, and I pray that
our Father God’s and Jesus’ grace and peace are with all of you forever. Thank you.

The head of the kingdom of NHNE is the one who was killed at a young age, the one who purchased people from many peoples, languages, and nations to offer them to God, and the one who has made us into God’s kingdom and priests — Jesus Christ.

The Creator of the Heavens and Earth, our Father God, already promised that NHNE would be created in the Bible (Rv. 21, Rv. 15:5). God has created it on earth as promised (Mt. 6:33). Thus, we offer our eternal gratitude to God for this grace.

The 12 tribes of NHNE the Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony that God has
created are unlike anything previously created, and are the only kingdom and temple of God in this world.

The 12 tribes that have been created according to God’s will are making known to the entire world that the promised kingdom is near today.