I am Loader!

the Promised Temple

Shincheonji, Church of Jesus, the Temple of
the Tabernacle of the Testimony

What kind of place is Shincheonji?

Shincheonji is the kingdom of God that God has created in order to fulfill today on earth as it is in heaven. It has been created as the result of God’s 6,000 years of work, and it is the holy temple where the priests and people who will receive salvation within the Lord belong to.

What is the purpose of Shincheonji?

Shincheonji, Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony, following the will of God, testifies to the revelation and what has been seen and heard, and is working to heal all nations.

The Throne Mark

The Throne Mark of NHNE symbolizes the Holy City New Jerusalem that comes down to the NHNE, as seen in Revelation 4 and Revelation 21.

This mark symbolizes that God and God’s throne have come to NHNE, which has been created according to the image of heaven, and is officially registered (trademark number: 42-0001873).

The two outer rings represent the heavens and the earth, and the square within the circle represents the kingdom of God, the Holy City New Jerusalem.

The red and blue that surround the Bible in the center symbolize God, who is the Word of eternal life (Jn 1:1, Rv 4:2-3).

The cross in the middle represents Jesus’ cross, which is the spring where the Way and water of life flow out from, and represents the path where God’s word comes from.

The 12 gates, 3 in each cardinal direction (Rv 21:12-13), are the gates of the 12 tribes, and the trees inside the temple represent the 12 tribes of New Spiritual Israel, that bear twelve kinds of fruit every month.

SCJ (新天地)

SCJ stands for the Chinese characters of ‘new heaven and new earth’ and represent the new tabernacle and new people (2 Pt 3:13, Mt 13:31-32, Rv 14:1-5, Rv 15:2-5). Just as Moses built the tabernacle on earth exactly like the image God showed him of heaven, the NHNE of today has been built on earth, exactly like the spiritual realm of heaven that the Promised Pastor saw. This is the kingdom of God that has been fulfilled on earth, as it is in heaven.

The Church of Jesus

It is the Church of Jesus because like the name states, the head of the temple of NHNE is Jesus Christ.

The Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony 

The ‘Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony’ represents the tabernacle that testifies about the physical fulfillment of Revelation that has occurred. ‘Temple’ represents the holy house where we offer worship to God. The Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony is the promised temple where all nations will come to be healed and worship the Lord.

Sharing the Love of the heavens, as free as the water, air, & light from above

Like the love we have received from the heavens, in receiving water, air, and light freely, we share the love that God has given to us with our neighbors, community, and the whole world through our work of service & volunteerism. 

The people of Shincheonji are public servants. Just as Christ gave his life to serve others, we follow the footsteps of Christ to serve, rather than seeking to be served. 

The public servants of NHNE have been recognized for their contributions to the community and to other non-profit organizations, and have received many accolades, awards, and recognitions for their work. 

Whether it is cleaning up beaches, revitalizing neighborhoods, or being a friendly face to the marginalized, the people of Shincheonji are truly being the light to the world.

Shincheonji Volunteers have been commended and recognized for their medical volunteering service for foreign laborers in South Korea, mural paintings to beautify communities and erase graffiti, events for veterans, culture and welfare support for the elderly, meal donations to the marginalized, and community clean-ups.

For example, the ‘Visiting Doctor Program’ protects the human rights of all immigrants and laborers, and provides health care for foreign laborers who live in South Korea. On average, the program serves 18,000 foreign laborers each year.