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The Physical Fulfillment of the Prophecies of Revelation

Approximately 2,000 years ago, Jesus’ disciple, John, was banished from Israel, and while proclaiming the gospel in Istanbul, Turkey, he was exiled to Patmos Island. At this place, John received the prophecy of Revelation, which would be fulfilled in the future, in a vision and recorded it. 

This prophecy was proclaimed all throughout the world for 2,000 years as a testimony to all nations (Mt 24:14), and it has been fulfilled completely without anything being added or taken away at the ends of the earth, the east, in the Republic of Korea.  Did you know this?

At the time of the fulfillment, there is a person who has seen everything from Revelation chapters 1 to 22 without adding or taking anything away (Rv 22:8).  He is the messenger of Jesus whom Jesus sent to the churches to testify (Rv 22:16), but how can the people of the world know this?

In Revelation chapter 5, God gave Jesus the book from his right hand that was sealed with seven seals. As Jesus opens the seals, he fulfills what is recorded in the book (Rv 6,8). Jesus gives that book to his messenger, New John, through an angel, and has him eat it in order to proclaim it to nations, peoples, languages, and kings (Rv 10).

In order to receive salvation, we must see and believe in the physical fulfillment of Revelation, that is, the actual entities from the messenger who is sent. It is written if one adds to or takes words away, that person would not be able to go to heaven and would receive curses (Rv 22:18-19).  Therefore, the saint who has heard the gospel of the physical fulfillment must verify it and believe it.  The one who believes and keeps the words that have been recorded and its physical fulfillment is the one who will be blessed. The betrayers, destroyers, and the savior have appeared at this time of Revelation, and therefore, one must listen and believe in the words of the messenger, who is sent, in order to be saved.