I am Loader!
The World Ruled by the One and Only God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth

Main Reference: Gn 1 ~ Rv 21

God left the world due to the betrayal of Adam, the first man who received all things of heaven and earth, who was deceived by the serpent (the devil, Satan, the dragon) and since then, the world has become Satan’s world where he reigned.

Although God began a new era through the righteous among the descendants of sinners, in the end, they betrayed God like Adam. The righteous were Adam and Eve, Noah’s family of eight people, Abraham and Moses, Solomon the king of Israel and more. God made a covenant with the chosen people in every generation, but they broke the covenant and betrayed so God promised a new thing again and revealed this to the prophets of the Old Testament. The prophecies written down by these prophets are the books of the Old Testament. After this, God came to the promised pastor, Jesus, and fulfilled the Old Testament (Jn 19:30).

The prophecies fulfilled during the first coming of Jesus were not fully fulfilled; they are fully fulfilled at the time of the Second Coming. God and Jesus who fulfilled the Old Testament made new promises to be fulfilled at the Second Coming, which is the New Testament, the new covenant. Jesus made the new covenant through his blood (Lk 22:14-20), and it is only fully fulfilled with the fulfillment of Revelation of the New Testament, which is the promised new covenant.

Just as the prophets of the Old Testament had waited for the fulfillment of the Old Testament, the believers of the New Testament have been waiting for the fulfillment of the book of Revelation of the New Testament. Jesus, however, said in Luke 18:8 “However, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?”

Since Adam committed sin, the world has been suffering. The reason for this suffering was to fulfill Revelation so that many people would receive salvation instead of being destroyed. All creation, people and the Spirit Himself have waited with groaning too deep for words for the promised time when Revelation is fulfilled and God the Creator rules over the world (Rom 8).

At the time of the fulfillment of Revelation when God rules over the world, the prophecies, the prophets (pastors), and the devil (the serpent, Satan, and the dragon) come to an end and the first heaven and first earth passes away (Rv 21). At this time, when the new heaven and new earth is recreated, people are born again, and all things are healed.

All things will be resurrected to their original image before sin. During God’s 6,000 years of history, Noah cried out but Adam’s generation didn’t believe, and Moses proclaimed but the Egyptians didn’t believe. Although Jesus testified, the physical Israelites and pastors didn’t believe in him. In the same manner, today, people don’t believe the one who proclaims (the promised pastor) but rather are trying to kill him. This is because every generation has become a world of evil and all people were a part of Satan’s organization. When the Jews asserted to Jesus that God is their father, Jesus answered them “Your father is the devil, a liar” (Jn 8:44-48). Although Jesus and the Jews shared the same physical ancestors, the spirit inside the Jews was the devil.

The same thing is happening in South Korea right now. Be it long ago or today, salvation is up to that person, whether he/she believes in the commandments of the Bible or not.

At the First Coming, Jesus and his disciples sowed God’s seed all over the world. 2,000 years have passed since then. However, since God’s seed was sown in the devil’s calm world, how can this world remain silent? This world has become crazy and wars have occurred.

Satan exiled and killed Jesus and his disciples. After that, for 2,000 years, the world was silent because the world belonged to Satan. However, the word of the Bible is alive and it spread to the ends of the world in order to be testified to the nations (Mt 24:14). The end of the age has come.

The promised Lord has come again to this world. Jesus, who came as a spirit, with the 7 spirits (Rv 3:1), began his work with the 7 messengers, the 7 stars (Rv 1, 2, 3). Does Satan just watch the work of God happen? Wars have begun again.

If Satan can’t keep his control over Earth, it will be returned to God after 6,000 years and then Satan will go into the abyss. That’s why he tries his best to ruin the work of the Second Coming by hindering and speaking lies. However, his actions (Rv 13) prove the fulfillment of the prophecies in the Bible and they prove that they are the organization of Satan. Satan is finally captured and defeated in the battle and he will return everything to God.

Since Jesus was victorious in the spiritual realm and the physical realm, Satan can be bound in the abyss and God’s world, where He finally reigns, comes. Amen.

How is God’s last work, Revelation, fulfilled and completed? Jesus came in spiritual form with the 7 spirits and chose 7 messengers, the 7 stars, and began the work of the lamp which prepares the way. Because the work of God began, Satan and Satan’s pastors gathered at the tabernacle of the 7 messengers. This is the beginning of Revelation, the new covenant. The betrayer, destroyer and savior appear according to their order when the events of Revelation are fulfilled. Not only that, a book sealed with 7 seals, the 7 plagues, the plague of the 7th trumpet, and the plague of the 7 bowls are also found in Revelation. There are also 3 mysteries in Revelation. There is a promised pastor who will testify as he was commanded to after having seen and heard the fulfillment of this Revelation. At this time, people receive salvation when they find and follow the promised pastor according to the Bible because all nations have been deceived and have fallen.

The salvation of the promised pastor in Revelation takes place after the event of betrayal and destruction. The events which will take place after the events of salvation are as follows:

Harvesting the first fruits of the seed which was sown 2,000 years ago (Rv 14:14-16), sealing them (Rv 7) and creating the 12 tribes, the 144,000 and the great multitude in white. These are the physical entities from Lk 22:14-20, who were promised with Jesus’ blood, the kingdom and priests of God, and the fruit of the blood promised through the blood. Everything from before including the prophets, prophecies, any organizations, or faith comes to an end, and it’s time for the new heaven and new earth, the era of the new creation, and time for the kingdom and nation who are born again with God’s seed and spirit. This is SCJ, the New Jerusalem, which is the new era, new nation, new people, and new temple. From this time on, the time of the dragon comes to an end and the era of the Kingdom of Heaven begins. Amen.