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the twelve tribes of Shincheonji

Who are the Twelve Tribes of Shincheonji?

The Twelve Tribes

In every era, God’s kingdom was comprised of the 12 tribes. In the Old Testament, Jacob received the name ‘Israel’, meaning ‘one who overcame’ and the 12 tribes of Physical Israel began. Jesus, who came to Judea, overcame the world (Jn 16:33, Mt 4, Lk 4) and created the 12 tribes of Spiritual Israel through the 12 disciples. The 12 tribes that appeared in the Old Testament and at the First Coming appear again at the Second Coming, the time of Revelation.

In Revelation, 144,000 are harvested at the time of harvest and sealed with the Word. The 144,000 are sealed at Mt. Zion of Revelation 14, and the 144,000 who are sealed with the Word are called the firstfruits (Jas 1:18). These sealed 144,000 make up the 12 tribes.

Who are the people of the Twelve Tribes?

The 12 tribes of New Spiritual Israel that God has created have never existed before, and is the only [true] kingdom of God and temple in the world. These 12 tribes have been created following the names of the 12 tribes of the Old Testament, and the names of Jesus’ disciples.

At the time of the end, those who are not part of these 12 tribes do not belong to God’s kingdom or people. Thus, the 12 tribes of NHNE are working to make known about NHNE and to heal all nations.

They are 1) those born of God’s seed, 2) harvested, 3) sealed with God and Jesus’ name, 4) have not added or subtracted from Revelation, 5) part of the 12 tribes of God’s promised new kingdom, 6) and recorded in the Book of Life.

(Isaiah 1:2-4)

These words in Isaiah 1 reveal the saddened heart of the Father God, who gave birth to and reared His children.

The people that God chose became corrupt and were captured by Gentiles. During this time, God desired to save His people and sent many prophets (pastors of prophecy) to make known the future and that the Savior, Jesus, was to come.

But Israel did not believe and could not perceive their own reality, and thought they were the chosen people and that they alone were righteous. As God’s kingdom and people came to an end, God selected a new pastor in order to re-create a new kingdom, and judged the chosen people who sinned and the gentiles who destroyed His people. Through judgment, one era comes to an end, and re-creation begins. Since Adam’s sin, God has repeated this process of creation and re-creation again and again until today.

Although Adam and Eve received all creation as an inheritance, they betrayed and became the possession of the serpent, the devil.

They were thrown out from the garden of Eden (Gn 3), and God left the world of Adam (Gn 6). God, who left, came to Adam’s 9th descendent, Noah, and through Noah, made known that the world of Adam would be destroyed by a flood. He had Noah create an ark to save them from the flood.

Noah foretold that the world will face a flood, but the people of Adam’s world did not believe Noah. As promised to Noah, God judged the world of Adam that became filled with sin and evil through the flood (Gn 7). Those who ridiculed Noah and his ark died in the flood as they watched those on the ark be saved. Even if they regretted not believing in Noah, it was already too late. When the world of Adam was destroyed, only Noah’s family of 8 received salvation.

Noah’s family got onto the ark and received salvation, and started their work at Mt. Ararat (Gn 8:1-4). Afterwards, like Eve was deceived by the serpent (the serpent made known that Adam and Eve were naked, refer to Gn 3:7-13), Noah’s second son, Ham, received the spirit of the serpent and told others of his father’s nakedness. Just as Adam and Eve were cursed after being deceived by the serpent, Ham and his son, Canaan, were also cursed.

When the world of Noah, the world of Canaan sinned, He left the world of Noah. He later appeared to Noah’s 10th descendant, Abraham, and promised that his descendants will be enslaved by gentiles and come out after the 4th generation to return to the land of Canaan (Gn 15). Through this, Abraham’s descendants entered into Egypt, and after 4 generations, the people of Israel came out from Egypt through Moses (Ex 12). After Moses, Joshua destroyed (conquered) the land of Canaan, Noah’s descendants.

Joshua, who conquered Canaan after Moses, started his era / work at Shechem. But the physical Israelites did not keep the covenant and at the time of Solomon, they once again worshipped gentile gods and broke the covenant. Israel, like Adam, broke the covenant, betrayed, and became corrupt (Hos 6:7). Ultimately, they were split into north and south, and the 11 tribes of the north were first destroyed by the gentiles (1 Kgs 11-12). Then, the remaining tribe of Judah and Jerusalem in the south was destroyed the gentiles (Is 1).

Mankind’s sin and the work of Satan continued, and betrayal continued as well, but God did not give up. From this time, God promised through the Old Testament prophets that sinful Israel will be destroyed, and that a new kingdom and new people will be established. This is the Old Testament.

Representative of this is the promise to create a new thing in Jeremiah 31. The pastors of Israel, that became one with Satan, persecuted and even killed the prophets that prophesied. But the promises of God, despite the persecution, continued to be preached and spread for 600-700 years, starting from the time of Isaiah.

Jesus, who came according to the Old Testament prophets, fulfilled the ‘new thing’. The people born of God’s seed were chosen as the people of God (Jn 1:12-13), and this was the beginning of Jesus’ church, of Spiritual Israel.

Jesus came according to the Old Testament prophecies and sowed the good seed (God’s seed) into his field (the church of Jesus), but the Pharisees, the snakes, sowed weeds (the seed of the devil) amongst the same field. Jesus promised that there will be a time of harvest, and that he will harvest the wheat born of the good seed (Mt 13:24-30).

Those who are sealed with God’s seed and His firstfruits would be made into God’s new kingdom and priests (Lk 22:14020, Heb 8:10). At that time, the priests and elders did not believe this and thought that they alone were the righteous and the chosen. They accused Jesus and his disciples of being a cult and persecuted and killed them.

After the First Coming, Spiritual Israel, which has continued for the past 2,000 years comes to an end, as promised in the New Testament prophecies. The words of Matthew 24:14 that “this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come” are regarding the end of Spiritual Israel.

As we see in Matthew 24, the temple must first be destroyed by the enemies, the sun, moon, and stars must darken and fall (representing the betrayal and corruption of the chosen people), the destroyers, the pastors of Babylon, must stand in the holy place and the chosen people of the tabernacle of heaven receive the mark of the Babylon pastors and worship it (Rv 13). Then, as seen in Revelation 17-18, through the maddening wine of adulteries from the Babylon pastors, all nations will fall. This is the betrayal and destruction of the world of Spiritual Israel. After this, there is the selection of the true pastor, judgment, and salvation, and God’s new kingdom (new heaven and new earth) are created in Rv 21:1. This is the New Testament, and it has been preached to the world for 2,000 years.

Today, at the Second Coming, salvation through the Promised Pastor and New Spiritual Israel that has been created according to the Bible

Today, Jesus has returned to judge and put an end to Spiritual Israel that became corrupt and broke the covenant. Through the Him who Overcomes (the Promised Pastor), Jesus creates the 12 tribes of New Spiritual Israel, as promised in the New Testament.

They are those who have overcome through the truth and come out from Babylon, to receive atonement for sin through Jesus’ blood, and become God’s kingdom and priests.

They are 1) those born of God’s seed, 2) harvested, 3) sealed with God and Jesus’ name, 4) have not added or subtracted from Revelation, 5) part of the 12 tribes of God’s promised new kingdom, 6) and recorded in the Book of Life.

“Believers at the time of the end – are they believing in and keeping the prophecies of the Bible and its fulfilled reality? (Jn 14:23, 29)”